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Ready to connect
all your devices?

The all in one software solution for your smart building project

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Our unique solution


Security means a lot to us, that's why you as a user always keep the sovereign rights. Even if the Internet connection is interrupted.

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KONOR1 connects all components from different companies. It's the only universal solution to control smart buildings.

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KONOR1 facilitates the universal control of various components and helps to save large amounts of energy.

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The revolutionary standard
for building automation

Now it's time for smart and efficient buildings that adapt to our desire!

Whats behind KONOR 1

Together with builders, architects and installers, we realise smart building projects

  • quickly
  • cost-efficiently
  • smartly

With our all-in-one principle, we manage to avoid complex planning by combining different building components into a simple digital infrastructure.

We fill the gap between planning and
implementation of a smart building

KONOR1 manages to control all devices in the building from a single administrator system from hardware and software side.

How will you live and work

While we all discuss about climate
change and concepts for more sustanaiblity,
Konor 1 is the masterplan for a
responsible future!


Our security solution is at the highest level and is constantly monitored.


The customer only needs an in-house network and the various devices.


We are able to connect terminals from different manufacturers to an all in one Soft- and Hardware Solution.


The digitalisation of larger building complexes minimises the costs of facility management.


We reduce the CO2 emissions of larger buildings. Together we are shaping a digital and sustainable future.


Universal building automation ensures a high level of standardised comfort

The Smart Concepts AG was founded in 2020 as a start-up in the tech industry. We know your industry, act result-oriented and thus help you to have a cost-efficient and sustainable impact. We look back on years of experience in the construction and financial sector.

An investment in Smart Concepts AG is an investment in the future. We are one of the few companies with a BAFA grant.

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